Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Raphael Berry, Owner of Berri’s Cafe


About Raphael Berry

Raphael Berry has been an interior architect and designer for 20 years. He is a graduate of the prestigious school, L’Ecole des Beaus Arts. He began his career designing homes and restoring historic houses, including a castle immediately upon receiving his degree, and, at 21 years of age he formed his first company, Déco Services, securing contracts throughout metropolitan France.

Raphael%20BerryOn November 21, 1986, Raphael relocated to Los Angeles. He was soon involved in opening many of Los Angeles’ most visible night-spots. His businesses included “Paris Boum Boum” in Hollywood, “La Cage aux Folles” on La Cienega, and “Castelle” in Westwood. He also opened his own design gallery in Silverlake,

Les Jardins d’Heliotropes, and formed Azure Design Inc. in 1990 to flip houses while continuing to design homes, condominiums and restaurants throughout the affluent neighborhoods Los Angeles.

In 1996, Raphael had a vision for opening a new restaurant concept. A Mediterranean/ Italian eatery serving and delivering a full menu — featuring a signature 20” hand tossed pizza, until four o’clock in the morning.

On November 21st, 1996, within three months, Berri’s Café opened to the public. With its unique European feel, it combined Raphael’s background in design and his years of restaurant and nigh-club experience. With no publicity or advertising, the restaurant was very well received from its inception. The food and atmosphere of the restaurant caught the attention of the neighborhood immediately, and ultimately the music and the hip late night ambiance made Berri’s Café into the iconic LA feature it has become.

Today, Raphael Berry’s company is expanding into two separate franchise entities, one that builds on a very unique take-out and delivery concept throughout the Los Angeles Basin and another that is growing Berri’s Café into an international brand.

About Berri’s Cafe

Founded in 1996 by Raphael Berry and his wife, Hortensia Magana, Berri’s Cafe has been named “TOP 25 BEST RESTAURANTS IN LOS ANGELES” by for Spring 2014.

Berri’s Cafe brings you flavors of the Mediterranean and fresh ingredients with home- style recipes and a 20” hand-tossed pizza.

Berris CafeBerri’s Cafe is one of those hidden treasures you always want to be a part of, with a large clientele that extends beyond avid neighborhood patrons and includes celebrities, film industry executives, up & coming artists, and business entrepreneurs.

A mixture of Mediterranean food served in a European style venue with a relaxed, friendly atmosphere, tailored service and a delicious menu well into 4AM.

A place where everyone can feel comfortable whether in casual attire or evening gown, after 18 years of consistent service, there is something to be said about the creative genius behind an adaptive concept that has become an idea of its own with power for success.

Berri’s Cafe was created in 1996 by Raphael Berry and his wife, Hortensia Magana, and, for the past 2 decades, they have focused their efforts by leveraging their experience to protect the very essence of Berri’s Cafe.

An architect and designer by trade, Raphael’s multi-cultural background and flair for a convivial design have been key in the success of Berri’s Cafe, bridging the gap between the neighborhood restaurant and the late night culinary desert that once were the affluent and trendy neighborhoods of Beverly Hills, West Hollywood and Hollywood.

As Berri’s Café on Third has grown into an iconic LA destination, with its signature, Raphael Berry’s vision for the future has also expanded. Today, Raphael Berry’s company is branching out into two separate franchise entities, one that expands a very unique take- out and delivery concept throughout the Los Angeles Basin and another that is growing Berri’s Café into an international brand.




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