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Andy Walshe

Written by metal on Saturday, 25 August 2012.

"Human High Performance - Dr. Andy Walshe"

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The emerging field of high performance encompasses everything from the building teams to compete on the toughest playgrounds of professional sport, athletes challenging the edge in the worlds most extreme environments, sharpening executives to battle in the boardroom to pushing the limits of warrior resilience in the theaters of conflict.

Red Bull has always done things a little bigger, better and differently than most brands extending into Human High Performance. Red Bull has helped raised the limits of man while discovering new boundaries. Dr. Andy Walshe specializes in human performance at the highest levels of execution and helps the development within a strategic framework to optimize the potential of individuals, teams and organizations.

Andy’s work in these areas has helped him develop programs and systems that focus on delivering world class performances for those that compete on the worlds largest stages.

Drawing from masters in all fields of human endeavor Andy manages to incorporate a broad range of scientific and spiritual philosophies together with an inherent understanding of risk and pushing the edges of the map so that he can help develop the innate potential he believes resides in us all.

At this week’s METal we will focus on the extremeness of human performance from elite psychology/neural mapping to performing under pressure and through in a little cutting edge nutrition. This is a METal you don’t want to miss!

In 2007 Dr.Andy Walshe was then recruited by Red Bull to develop a high performance platform focused on the integration of “best sport” practices for their elite athlete team that also supported strategic business initiatives and marketing targets. Andy currently continues in this role for Red Bull as well as consulting globally with numerous professional business, sport and military organizations. His main interests professionally are now focused heavily on researching talent in all it forms and from this understanding delivering pragmatic solutions to explore human potential.

Date & Time: August 25th, 2012, 9:30am (this event has past)
Location: Bergamot Station / Building i
Address: 2519 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Hosted By: METal International 

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