Tue, Oct 15, 2019
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Mike Jones

Written by metal on Friday, 16 September 2011.

"Former CEO of Myspace"

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Recognizes that it has even happened. So keeping that in mind… is the social media 2.0 been upgraded to social media 3.0 without as much as a whisper or mention in mainstream internet conversation? Or, are we on the threshold of witnessing a Social Media dot bomb like that of the late 90′s websites?

Myspace was considered one of News Corp’s gems back in March 2006. Peter Chernin, the second-in-command at News Corp., said in an interview with FORTUNE; “It looks like the best acquisition we’ve made in a long, long time. MySpace is the single biggest growth opportunity this company has.”

What happened to one of the most trafficked social media sites and how can we learn from it’s errors?

As our guest speaker, former CEO of Myspace Michael Jones will discuss these topics:

  • The new opportunities of social media.
  • How brands and advertisers fit into the scheme.
  • How to build the community and your questions.

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