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Thom Beers

Written by metal on Monday, 16 January 2012.

"Thom Beers - The Reality in Reality"

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Over the past decade, reality TV has exploded and expanded to the point where nobody in the industry dares ask anymore whether or not the genre is a passing fad. Well, it’s here to stay. Unscripted television has been around long enough to support its very own set of established players—forces in the business who create, produce, buy and sell thousands of hours of programming each year.

This week’s special guest speaker is reality King, Thom Beers. As many executives look for new ways to blur the lines between scripted and unscripted, Thom Beers seems determined to put the “real” back in reality TV. He’s done a great job so far by dominating the tough-guy TV genre—action documentaries that allow viewers to witness the worlds that most people would be too scared to explore for real.

 Date & Time: January 14th, 2012, 9:30am (this is a past event)
Location: Bergamot Station / Building i
Address: 2519 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404
Hosted By: METal International

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