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Articles tagged with: gaming

Keith Boesky

Written by metal on Saturday, 02 November 2013.

Principal & Boesky & Company

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Keith Boesky has been defining the intersection of the content and technology communities for over twenty years. He first got into games as a very bored attorney in biotech at Cooley, in 1993 by cold calling a game developer mentioned in the local newspaper. By 1996 this turned into the largest game practice in the company and retention by Eidos plc for its IPO in the United States. In the prospectus, Boesky theorized games could be used to platform intellectual property. The CEO agreed and Boesky became president of Eidos Interactive, Inc. and was tasked with moving the newly launched Tomb Raider video game across all media. By 1999, Tomb Raider anchored a best selling book, a blockbuster comic book, the first action figure line led by a game character, commercials, back to back covers of Entertainment Weekly, and the first of many films.

Brock Pierce

Written by metal on Sunday, 05 February 2012.

"Economics of Social Gaming - Brock Pierce"

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2011 will be remembered as the year that Zynga went public, Google launched Google+, and Facebook executed the Credits transition. Google is putting its weight behind what appears to have the potential to be the most serious competitor to Facebook as a social gaming platform in North America since the demise of MySpace. And at the same time, developers are still navigating through the Facebook Credits migration, while many are also expanding substantially onto mobile platforms to increase growth and expand reach.

Maya metalinternational