Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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John Sungkamee, Owner of Emporium Thai Cuisine


About John Sungkamee

John%20Sungkamee%201Owner of Emporium Thai and Aqua Thai Spa. I worked as a software engineer for about 15 years but had to quit because my family need me to run the restaurant or else we have to let it go. Now my restaurant has been voted Top Best 100 Thai Restaurants in the US and this is just the beginning for us.

We are the first Thai restaurant in the world that partner with uberFRESH so customers go from hungry to happy in 10 minutes. My goal is to take my businesses to the next level. Hopefully I can make my Thai restaurant extraordinary rather than ordinary!



About Emporium Thai Cuisine

Emporium Thai Cuisine has been voted one of the Top 100 Best Thai Restaurants in the USA. Family-owned and operated, we have been sharing the wonderful flavors of authentic Thai food with our customers for over 12 years. We can’t help it. It’s in our blood.

You see, our 85-year-old mom, Supis Sungkamee bore 12 children in Southern Thailand and instilled in us a love for authentic Thai cooking at a young age. She certainly did something right because almost all of us are now in the U.S. with her, making names for ourselves in the restaurant business.

Emporium Thai Cuisine’s Executive Chef, Gina Sungkamee studied for 4 years at the Culinary University in Bangkok then went on to earn the aforementioned Best Thai Restaurant distinction.

Emporium%20Logo White

Just like Mom and Dad did back in Thailand, Emporium Thai Cuisine uses only the finest ingredients bought locally. In the interest of supporting local growers we purchase our vegetables from the nearby farmer markets and we shop for fresh seafood, meats and produce almost every morning.

We are located in the heart of Westwood, one half block South of Wilshire Blvd. You can dine in our recently remodeled restaurant designed by two-time Emmy winning interior designer Peter Gurski. Or order take-out (delivery or pick-up) to your office or home. We also offer an extensive catering service, working closely with our clients to create a memorable dining experience. Come discover our fresh and most authentice Thai cuisine in Westwood. Ans say hi to Mom while you're here. Khob-Kun-Krub ("Thank You" in Thai)

Thai Emporium Thai Cuisine 

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