Mon, Aug 26, 2019
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Kenneth Hahn Park

Address 4918-4998 S La Brea Ave Los Angeles, CA 90008

Hahn Park’s Community Trail is quite well named. It isn’t the type of hike you would travel a long distance to visit, but if you live nearby, you are lucky to have it. The highlight of this 2.5-mile hike in the Baldwin Hills is a string of ridge-top viewpoints that looks north over Los Angeles. The 319-acre park is bordered by oil fields that limit the natural charm. Otherwise, this is a pleasant city hike with 75 to 200 feet of elevation gain, depending on your route. From La Cienega Boulevard, drive southeast through Hahn Park to Janice’s Green Valley, a large bowl-shaped field. Begin hiking counterclockwise around the circular depression, which is the filled-in remains of Baldwin Hills Reservoir. The lining of the reservoir cracked in 1963, flooding houses in the city below, killing five. Stress from nearby oil drilling is thought to have caused the weakness in the reservoir wall. After the flood, the reservoir was covered to create the large field (which visitors are not allowed to use for any sports activities).

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