Fri, Nov 16, 2018
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Sunday METal Hike - San Vicente Mountain Loop


This is a CO-ED event, feel free to bring spouses, friends, conquests, potential conquests and/or the person you wake up next to. All are welcome! Wear light, comfortable clothes and bring a towel, if you sweat a lot. WATER IS MANDATORY!! The hike should take about 120 minutes. This is a Dog leash Friendly Hike!




***Please allow an additional 5-10 minutes for parking***


San Vicente Mountain Loop
13137 Garden Land Road
Los Angeles, CA 90049

GPS Coordinates:

34.121207, -118.50665





About the Location:

San Vicente Mountain is a 1,960-foot summit that was used at the start of the cold war as a defense site to protect Los Angeles from Soviet attacks. San Vicente Mountain was one of several summits around Los Angeles used as a Nike missile defense site in the 1950s to detect and intersect Russian missiles and aircraft directed at the city. After a decade, Nike missiles were made obsolete by long-range technology, but the Santa Monica Mountains Conservancy has done an excellent job preserving this old site, adding informative panels to keep this history alive.







From Sunset Boulevard, 2.3 miles west of the 405 freeway, head north on Mandeville Canyon Road. Drive 4.8 miles, and turn left onto Garden Lane Road. Park on the right and begin hiking up the fire road to the left.

GPS: 34.121207, -118.50665

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From December 14, 2014 9:30 am to 12:30 pm Save to calendar

At San Vicente Mountain Loop 13137 Garden Land Road Los Angeles, CA 90049

Posted by Michelle Johiro

(310) 305 - 4100

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2014-12-14 09:30:00
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