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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

The Rise of the Artist Middle Class - Scott Page

04112015 Scott Page

Many believed that the pirating of music due to the advent of peer to peer and other file sharing networks would be the death of the music industry. In some way's that's true, at least for the major record companies whose business model has been turned upside down due to the free sharing economy.

However, today more people are listening to music and consuming more media than ever before and artist creativity is at its highest. Low cost tools, free distribution, direct access to the customer to conduct commerce 24/7 has created the "Greatest time in history" for the independent artist. This democratization of media has leveled the playing field for all artists to own and control their own destiny.

But with this new found power a new set of challenges has arisen that's completely changing the way we conduct business and commerce. With billions and billions of messages and media being consumed daily the consumer is in media overload. So the question becomes "How do you get noticed and How do you rise above the noise?"

At this week's METal we will discuss this question and dive deep into the one thing that matters most to sustaining any independent entertainment business, that's finding fans and converting those fans into paying customers.  We'll look at business opportunities, formulas, tools and tactics that are shaping the new rules of business in today's digital entertainment industry.

As a performer he is widely recognized as the saxophonist/guitarist for Pink Floyd, Supertramp, and Toto. As an entrepreneur, Page formed Walt Tucker Productions, an audio video post production company  that included projects for The Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks and others. Later he co-founded 7th Level, Inc., an award-winning CD-ROM game and educational software company producing Tuneland, the world’s first interactive musical cartoon (starring Howie Mandel) and the globally lauded Monty Python interactive series. Page co-founded New Media Broadcasting Company a social media and collaborative communications enterprise whose clients included, Will Smith, Monty Python, Toto and the Institute for Systems Biology. He recently co-founded Ignited Network, an artist incubator accelerator program designed to fund and grow artist owned businesses. As an artist he continues to record and play live performances.

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From April 11, 2015 9:00 am to 12:00 pm Save to calendar

At The Crest Westwood Westwood Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90024, USA

(310) 305-4100

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