Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Wisdom Tree

The Wisdom Tree


Our Sunday CO-ED METal Hike is one of the longest running and most prestigious hiking groups in Los Angeles, going strong for over five (5) years. With over 228 consecutive Sunday hikes in more than 93 different locations, from epic caves to beautiful waterfalls, we explore the hidden treasures of Los Angeles. The CO-ED METal Hike is OPEN TO ALL. Feel free to bring yourself, your family, your spouse, your hiking enthusiast friends (METal and Non-METal), prospective members. ALL ARE WELCOME!!!

Wear light, comfortable clothing, closed toed shoes, bring a towel if you sweat and most importantly BRING A BOTTLE OF WATER (MANDATORY)!!! This is a Dog Hike.

The Wisdom Tree
3052 Lake Hollywood Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90068
GPS Coordinates:34.131390, -118.337740

About the Location:
There are many ways to hike to the back of the Hollywood Sign in Griffith Park, but only one that feels like an actual wilderness adventure. The recently-added trail to Cahuenga Peak passes the beloved Wisdom Tree (the only tree in the area to survive an early 2007 fire), hops along a ridge on some gorgeous single-track, and then finally joins with the more tourist-friendly paved route on the back of Mount Lee. If you want to hike to the Hollywood Sign and still have a bit of solitude, this is the hike for you.

Cahuenga Peak is the twelfth highest summit in the Santa Monica Mountains at 1,820 feet, and offers excellent views over the east side of the range. The peak is linked to Hollywood history, having been purchased in the 1930s by Howard Hughes who desired to build a home here for Ginger Rogers. She refused, and decades later a group of investors set out to build a housing development on the peak. This time it was the citizens of Los Angeles who refused. In April of 2010, Cahuenga Peak was rescued from impending development by the Save the Sign Campaign, which purchased the peak and donated it to Los Angeles to become part of Griffith Park.

From the 101 Freeway exit on Barham Boulevard and drive north for 1/3 of a mile. Turn right at the light onto Lake Hollywood Drive. Take this winding road for half a mile to the intersection with Wonder View Drive. Park along the street and begin hiking up Wonder View Drive.

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