Wed, Mar 20, 2019
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Trippet Ranch

Address 20829 Entrada Road 
Topanga Canyon, CA 90290

This iconic sandstone outcrop sits at an angle that attests to its seismic origins. This hike begins at a beautiful picnic area with a pond and a one-mile nature trail in Topanga State Park. The hike follows a fire road up to Eagle Rock, an impressive sandstone rock covered with crevices and caves. The views of the mountains and valleys along this trail, including Santa Ynez Canyon, are superb. The return on the Musch Trail descends past oak, sycamore, and bay trees. This footpath includes lush vegetation, ferns, moss-covered rocks, and stream crossings. In fact, there are two fault lines running through the park: the Topanga and the Santa Ynez faults.

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