Mon, Jan 21, 2019
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The "Rock the Boat” Electorate - David Winston

Rock The Boat Electorate%20

The average voter feels that the public discourse about policies and issues is headed in the wrong direction, and that the media cannot be trusted to present them with all the facts of a story. Even more importantly, the electorate feels that their own voices are not effectively heard. It is not surprising that their greatest priority and expectation right now is for change, and as seen in the most recent election, America “rocked the boat,” understanding they were taking a risk. Moving forward, the status quo is no longer acceptable, presenting new challenges and paradigms for policymakers, the media and businesses.

What are these voters really looking for, who can effectively address the problems facing discourse - and how can anyone break through to a public that is jaded from being inundated with information overload and believes the system is rigged?

David Winston is the president of the Winston Group, a research firm that focuses on understanding the belief systems of the electorate and making ideas matter. He has been an advisor to House and Senate Republican leadership for the past 15 years, and advises center-right parties throughout Europe. In the business sector, he advises Fortune 100 companies on strategic planning, brand reputation, and public policy issues. He has done extensive research for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on topics including education, global health, and foreign aid, among work for a variety of foundations and nonprofits. Winston is currently an election analyst for CBS News.

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