Mon, Jan 21, 2019
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Surgery, just like military warfare has progressed over time. We often hear of “surgical precision” when it comes to strategic military operation.

Yet, surgery often still relies on general anesthesia (knocking out a patient) to accomplish a surgical mission. Elite military special forces can covertly enter a city and rescue a hostage without destroying the city and the civilians. Any forceful entry, whether a military campaign or surgery can have negative consequences.

In the military, it is the increased cost and negative political drift and resentment from native and foreign civilians. In surgery, it can lead to increased medical cost and life-threatening blood clot formation.

In addition, significant postoperative pain occurs which requires opioid prescription use. Postoperative surgical use of an opioid for pain control is one of the leading cause of the opioid epidemic in America.

With the use of modern technology, we can specifically and effectively deliver compounded (specially mixed) local anesthetic to knock out local pain receptors. Therefore, surgery can be performed while the patient is awake. Having the patients awake during surgery keeps them at their normal physiology.

In addition, surgery is also performed in a natural moist, fluid bathed environment. This prevents tissue desiccation (drying), internal tissue burn, and significantly less blood loss. Thus, the patient is “wireless” and is at their natural “organic” state.

In surgical strike 2.0, the surgeon precisely executes its mission with the least amount of collateral damage to the patients. This will help decrease the surgical and post-surgical health care cost, and the opioid epidemic while increasing patient safety.

Dr. Kenneth Kim is a board-certified plastic and reconstructive surgeon practicing in Los Angeles. Dr. Kim was nominated for the Rhodes Scholarship and selected as a University Medal finalist at UC Berkeley. Dr. Kim graduated from Yale University School of Medicine and was a recipient of the Dean’s Award and Department of Surgery Research Award. Dr. Kim was inducted as a fellow at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.

He completed his plastic and reconstructive surgery residency at Northwestern University. Dr. Kim was awarded the AO Craniomaxillofacial Research and Development Fellowship at the AO Institute in Switzerland. He is an assistant clinical professor at UCLA School of Medicine and a partner of Dream Medical Group in Seoul, South Korea.

Dr. Kim has published numerous peer-reviewed journals from basic science to clinical aesthetic surgery. He is currently a chairman of the Upper Blepharoplasty and Visual Field Loss Guideline Task Force of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. He also serves as a member of the Quality and Performance Measurement Committee and Patient Safety Subcommittee.

At this week’s METal we will discuss what the new dream is and how achievable it is for the country.

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