Tue, Feb 19, 2019
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

Rise Of The Machines



Two hundred years ago, Mary Shelley penned a line that may well apply not only to how technology would influence the future but also to the creative process itself. “You are my creator, but I am your master…”. Big projects take on a life of their own.

Chris Paine and his special guest David Newsom are filmmakers whose latest respective projects are stories about technology. Chris directed the jeremiad AI documentary “Do You Trust this Computer?” and David executive produced”Valley of the Boom” the groundbreaking new Nat Geo series set during the Netscape browser wars of the late 1990s. In today’s session, Chris and David will show clips and dialogue about the content and making of these two projects and how they learned to cope with a challenge facing all of us as makers: how to realize your vision while surrendering to the process of collaboration.

In addition to working with intense creative teams, the two interviewed such luminaries as Jim Clark, Ray Kurzweil, Arianna Huffington, Elon Musk, Andrew Ng, Jonathan Nolan & Ray Kurzweil. How do you guide such personalities into your vision? You don’t exactly. You listen, integrated, distill, and improvise.

This is Chris’s third feature directing credit which started with Who Killed the Electric Car in 2006. Prior to his work in film, he rolled his SoCal startup Internet Outfitters into a public offering as AppNet Systems in 1999. David has directed and produced for the Discovery Channel, History Channel, AMC, National Geographic, and the BBC. Both committed environmentalists, Chris serves on the board of Friends of the Earth and David founded the nonprofit“Wild Yards Project.”

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From October 06, 2018 3:08 am to 05:08 am Save to calendar

At METal Studios 7817 Veragua Dr., Playa Del Rey CA 90293 METal Studios 7817 Veragua Dr., Playa Del Rey CA 90293

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