Mon, Jan 21, 2019
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

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Elan Lee
on Saturday, 29 July 2017
  • Bio:

    Over the last 15 years, 3 startups, 1 newly invented genre, and tens of millions of participants, Elan Lee has changed the way we think about storytelling.  He started his career at the Microsoft Games Studio where he was a Lead Designer on the original Xbox.  

    Elan next co-founded and served as the Vice President of 42 Entertainment (the company behind I Love Bees, Nine Inch Nails: Year Zero, and The Dark Knight). Elan was also the Co-Founder of EDOC Laundry, a company that embeds secret narratives in clothing, the Founder and Chief Creative Officer for Fourth Wall Studios in Los Angeles, and Chief Design Officer for Xbox Entertainment Studios. Elan is currently working on the kickstarter campaign, Exploding Kittens, a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette. 

    Elan has spoken all over the world on the future of gaming. He has won a Primetime Emmy for the series Dirty Work and the 2012 IndieCade Trailblazer Award for a Distinguished Career in Interactive Entertainment. 

    Elan has been featured in WIRED Magazine, The New York Times, Entertainment Weekly, and the Wall Street Journal. He has also won awards for Best Web Game of the Year, Best Advertising Campaign of the Year, and Best Idea of the Year.

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