Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Walter Grieves
on Saturday, 10 February 2018
Walter Grieves
  • Title : Founder & CEO

  • Company : Propagate Capital

  • Bio:

    Walter W. Grieves has extensive experience in the finance and corporate sectors amassed over the last 17 years. Upon completing his undergraduate work at the University of California, Berkeley, Walter went to work for Research Magazine/Multex Data Group where he managed the International Investor Relations Division. Walter then went to work for Morgan Stanley spending time between the Wailuku Maui Branch and the World Trade Center location in New York City.  Further looking to expand his experience in the securities industry, Walter partnered with a group of Securities Attorneys structuring, capitalizing and restructuring small publicly traded companies.  Over the next 5 years he served as President of several Public companies including Cambridge Capital, US West Homes, and DMT Energy. Over the last 7 years, Walter specialized in capitalization, corporate structure, restructure, revenue expansion and assistance in exit strategy to many small to medium sized private companies. Walter is pleased to serve ROC integrating corporations, entrepreneurs, investors, and professional organizations into the largest open source workspace solution in the greater Los Angeles area.

    Walter Grieves also manages a portfolio of Cannabis sector investments/Companies. His experience with Cannabis began while subsidizing tuition at UC Berkeley in the 90’s. He parlayed an appetite for risk into a career in the public markets spanning nearly 2 decades ranging from Morgan Stanley in New York to Penny Stocks in Southern California. In 2013 he Co-Founded the Think Tank Cannabis Consulting Group ( with professors from USC and UCLA. Walter servers as President of Alta Diversified a Cannabis Business Management Company and is launching a Cannabis Business Accelerator Program/Fund in May.

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