Sun, Jul 15, 2018
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

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Tom Hajdu
on Saturday, 03 June 2017
Tom Hajdu
  • Title : Chief Innovator / CEO

  • Company : South Australia / Disrupter

  • Bio:

    Southern Californian entrepreneur Tom Hajdu's work intersects creativity, innovation and leadership, and he now serves as Chief Innovator for South Australia. He recently traveled to the White House with the Minister of Innovation to attend the signing of the MOU between South Australia and US Ignite, making South Australia the first city outside the US to join the Smart/Gig City Initiative. Tom is also CEO of Disrupter, a strategic innovation incubator which is currently launching a broad new networking system. Previously Tom co-founded tomandandy, which he built into one of the largest music production companies in the world. As CEO, he helped reshape the role of music in the film, television and advertising industries by introducing a new process that lowered music production costs to a fraction of previous levels while improving creative quality.

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