Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

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Papa Joe Aviance
on Saturday, 16 December 2017
Papa Joe
  • Title : Producer / Recording Artist & CEO

  • Company : www.KNEKT.TV / Papa Joe Networks, LLC

  • Bio:

    There are a lot of times in life where a position or predicament seems impossible. The task is too large, the journey too long, the risk too great, the heartache too tough. It is a difficult, and often lonely experience to see a vision from beginning to end, without wanting to quit or give up. An impossible idea or task is labeled "impossible" because one simply believes that they can not do it. Many times in life, we may not even take on a challenge because we believe that we can not finish or obtain the result that we want. We don't even start because that mountain looks too tall or arduous to climb. So, how does one make the impossible, possible?

    Papa Joe Aviance is a living example of how perseverance and hard work can make the impossible, possible. He is a forward thinker, creator, businessman, entrepreneur, promoter, and life coach. He started his life modestly in Michigan. After he went to school, he moved to New York and worked on Wall Street in finance, has had the opportunity to travel the world for work, and ultimately landed in Los Angeles with the hopes of becoming an actor. As the case with most that come to Los Angeles with that dream, his reality was met soon after arriving, and he found himself working at a local video rental store to make ends meet. It was there that Papa Joe was discovered by a music producer, and was asked to do a rap feature on the track, "Last Night a DJ Saved my life" with Lula. From there, Papa Joe had a few acting successes, but ultimately was left again to find success on his own.

    At this point, a lot of people would give up on the dream but not Papa Joe. Papa Joe believed so fiercely in himself, that he has successfully started his own production company, clothing brand and comic book brand/character, The Electric Negro. Papa Joe became the CEO of his own companies, Papa Joe Networks and JOE JOE, LLC. There are also personal achievements that Papa Joe has obtained, such as losing a significant amount of weight. This gained him notoriety as a self help individual, and has been featured on shows such as The Doctors, Rachael Ray, and Good Day NY. He was the Brand Ambassador for The 99 Cent Only Store, as well as The American Heart Association. He has successfully completed two nation wide health and wellness tours, and has been featured in the cookbook "Dadgum That's Good! And Healthy!" by John McLemore. Papa Joe pulled himself up by the bootstraps and has literally made his own empire. He made the impossible, possible by believing in himself and not ever giving up on himself.

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