Tue, Oct 15, 2019
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Nicole Prause
on Saturday, 20 January 2018
Nicole Prause
  • Title : CEO & Founder

  • Company : Liberos

  • Bio:

    Nicole Prause, PhD is a neuroscientist, trained at The Kinsey Institute, licensed psychologist, and founder of Liberos in Los Angeles. Liberos was founded, after UCLA refused to allow Nicole to continue conducting her research on campus. This sexual biotechnology company completed the first, large (N=250) study of couples interacting sexually in the laboratory (Masters and Johnson did not publish ethics-reviewed science). With collaborators across the world, they have designed new instruments to verify the presence of orgasmic contractions in the anus, ran the first genital vibrator into the metal-free fMRI environment, and quantified the strokes used during masturbation using electromyography. They were the first to apply brain stimulation to alter sexual response, the first to 3D print haptic penile models for studies of size studies, and the first to bring genital vibration as a reward into the laboratory in the USA. Their peer-reviewed science challenges assumptions about sex "addiction", "wasted" sex with novel partners, and assumptions about gender differences in sexual response.

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