Tue, Aug 22, 2017
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Pablos - Hacking Health Care

02162013 Pablos

“Health Care” is a double oxymoron, used to describe an industry that is fossilizing under the pressure of it’s colossal inefficiency; impersonal in a way that makes loan sharks seem friendly.

Every literate human on Earth can describe some problem with health care. Attempts to improve things are mere bandaids, treating a symptom. There is no strategic vision. Nobody who can affect change. There is no plan to fix this, no reason for optimism. The sky is not falling, the sky, is on the tarmac.

Let’s just try to forget about all that and imagine what we’d do if we could start from scratch.

Naturally, we think we are smarter than all the fallen civilizations that came before us. We probably aren’t, but we have developed a new weapon that blows away everything those suckers had.


Sensors to collect data. Networks to move it around. Computation to understand it. Our ability to master data is what our civilization will be built on.

Data has transformed everything that humans do. We take action, measure the results and improve our next action. This is the way we make products better, lives better. You’ve already lived through this. This is what you all do in your companies now. The exceptions are all out of business.

So where is the data in Health Care? You sure don’t have it – maybe some obtuse paperwork from your insurance company. The data is about you & you should have it. You should employ folks from the former Health Care Industry to use that data to improve things for you.

Pablos is a Hacker & Inventor at the Intellectual Ventures Laboratory. He spends his days inventing crazy solutions to humanity’s biggest problems. He spends his nights shooting holes in those ideas, usually with lasers.

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At METal Saturday Event 2519 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

Posted by Michelle Johiro

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