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METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

Sekou Andrews - It’s How You Say It

02022013 Sekou Andrews
Imagine the next time you have to “wow” a customer or prospect, you have a comedian warm them up with your industry’s inside jokes, as a painter creates a live portrait of your company mission, before a theater troupe brings your story to life, culminating in a singer turning your message into an infectious anthem. Now imagine all of those artists are one person – a new breed of speaker called a poetic voice.

A poetic voice helps organizations make their messages more moving and memorable by crafting cutting-edge presentations that harness inspirational speaking, storytelling, theater, comedy and poetry to give voice to clients’ stories. When Nike wanted the top NBA draft pick to sign with them, they called a poetic voice. When Mayo Clinic needed to make patient safety sexy… poetic voice. When one of METal’s own needed to inspire businesses to invest in Canada, he brought in a poetic voice to toot Canada’s horn for them.

Last week we explored the power of storytelling. This week we’ll learn from an entrepreneur who could reflect the future of art in business. Poetic voice has been used to help executives become more engaging presenters, to help fundraisers win grants after housing their data in stories, and even to help get a president elected. Now it comes to METal to help us business movers and shakers put some poetry in our motion.

Sekou Andrews is the world’s leading poetic voice, and its creator. This schoolteacher turned musician, actor, and national poetry slam champion is in high demand from Fortune 500 companies, global non-profits, and leading conferences He has been featured on national media outlets, including ABC, MSNBC, HBO, Showtime, and MTV; presented for luminaries such as Barack Obama, Quincy Jones, Maya Angelou, and Norman Lear; and shared the stage with music heavyweights Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Jay-Z, Maroon 5 and the Pasadena Pops Orchestra.

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From February 02, 2013 10:30 am to 12:30 pm Save to calendar

At METal Saturday Event 2519 Michigan Avenue, Santa Monica, CA 90404, USA

Posted by Michelle Johiro

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