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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

METal International Code of Conduct 2018

METal International is an events and membership organization bringing together Alpha Leaders in the Media / Entertainment / Technology space focusing on helping members achieve their goals by pushing all boundaries in a community of respect and camaraderie. METal International events range from talks with high-profile thinkers and changemakers to connect ideas and collaborate.


Our Code of Conduct is a high standard of ethical behavior we require among our members and guests. Some are objective in nature, others are subjective based upon professional standards in the business community. METal reserves the right to make a final determination, in its sole discretion, whether the Code of Conduct has been violated by any guest or member.


We ask that each member practice and act with integrity, ethical standards and uphold the reputation of METal International and the community, including our culture of encouraging the sharing of ideas and perspectives. Pursuant to this, members are always to respect their fellow members, peers, guests and any confidential information communicated between them. We ask that you do not solicit other members unless invited or approved to do so by the members, or METal with the final approval decisions by a METal Administrator. We ask that you respond to members in a timely and respectful manner and comply with the conflict of interest guidelines as stated in detail below. Finally, we expect members to protect the community by reminding members and invited guests within the METal International community of their Code of Conduct responsibilities and report violations to a METal Administrator.


Here are our guidelines in a bit more detail:


1. Act with integrity and high ethical standards


It is METal’s obligation to always provide the best possible value for our members and guests through the benefits and resources we offer at METal. With that said, we put a high ethical value on our members and it is the responsibility of the members and guests to keep a positive attitude within METal and for its members.


We ask that members avoid behavior that reflects adversely on METal International and members associated with the group.


2. Support and preserve the culture within METal International. Encourage open sharing of ideas, collaborations and perspectives


While METal International is a space for collaborative ideas and connecting, we ask that each member and guest be respectful of their peers.


3. Honor the privacy and confidentiality of members, online content and event content


We ask for all members and guests to adhere to event and meeting protocols. Outside of the meeting and events, please use discretion.


Do not share online METal content and member specific content outside of METal International, unless approved by a METal Administrator.


Adhere to the non-solicitation policy, please do not attempt to sell products or services, seek special advantages or raise funds from others in an unsolicited basis without a final approval by a METal Administrator.

Always respect your fellow members when they “approve” or “disapprove"

4. Treat everyone with the highest respect and attention

In responding to other members, please respond in a timely and respectful matter. This is in regards to the METal online community posts, community messages, community social media and community conversation email list.

We ask that our members practice and embrace the diversity of different business, cultures, ages, genders, social views and ethnic perspectives in the METal International community.

5. Business Dealings Between Members

While METal International attempts to vet applicants who apply for membership or attend its events as guests, it does not perform significant due diligence on any person. As such, METal International may deem someone unfit for membership after they have been admitted as a member. Additionally, there are times when former members or guests are blacklisted from participating in METal International for various reasons. While METal International is not responsible for any business, financial or personal dealings between members, METal International has the discretion to remove members from the community who it deems have violated this Code of Conduct. 

Should a member  engage in any business, financial or personal matters and any current or blacklisted member or guests, such member does so at their sole risk. Each member acknowledges that METal International does not endorse any other member and can take no responsibility for any losses or issues derived from such dealings. Every member is encouraged to perform their own due diligence prior to entering into such relationships. Further, METal is under no obligation to police or mediate any disputes between members, but will evaluate its potential actions in light of what is in the best interest of the community.


5. Poaching


If a member is interested in employing, a METal employee or employees (full-time/part time/independent contractor) we ask that our members reach out to discuss employment opportunities with a METal Administrator. While METal International encourages employees to network and work together with members we ask our members to respect that it does not adversely impact METal International’s operations.


Additionally, poaching employees from other METal members will be viewed unfavorably in our community as such activity fosters distrust, resentment and hostility among members.


6. Implementing the Code of Conduct


This code of conduct applies to every member and invited guest. Members are responsible for the conduct of their family members within the METal International community, and are also responsible for informing their invited guests, and guests will be held to the same Code of Conduct standards as members. The Code of Conduct can be found online on the current METal website.


Members must agree to the Code of Conduct each year acknowledging that they understand the commitment to the community and the Code of Conduct.


METal International believes that the consistent understanding and re-enforcement of the policies and procedures supporting of the Code of Conduct promotes the core values of METal International. Undesirable behavior or violations of this Code of Conduct will be addressed and reviewed following in the pending of or hold of a member’s membership or approval process until METal is able to review all details and reach a final decision. Keep in mind that violations of this Code of Conduct could result in a loss of membership or approval process.


7. Reporting Code of Conduct Violations


Reports of potential violations of the code of conduct are handled on a strictly confidential basis.


Any potential violations of the code of conduct should be reported to a METal Administrator.

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