Thu, Oct 17, 2019
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Dynamic entrepreneurs and change-makers

METal events range from talks with high-profile thinkers to connecting ideas and collaborations.

Guide METal FastPass Payment

METal FastPass Payment

"FastPass" is a pre-paid member account, which may be used to purchase access to the METal events. Members may charge thier FastPass in a minimum of $140 increments, which is about a month (4 METal events fees) at the rate of $35 with an RSVP. FastPass balances are to be used specifically for the METal Events and cannot be tranferred or used towards Memebrship Fees.

+ How to user fastpass payment(new payment method)

+ After logged with Metal member account. We have new menu:

New Menu

+ To active your fastpass account, Please add funds.

Click to "Account -> FastPass -> Add Funds"

Add Fund

In first time, Minium: $140, in next time you can add any budget.

+ After you paid in this step, the invoice auto sending to our system, We need maxium 24hours(a business days) to check and active your fastpass.

+ How to check my balance and tracking subtracts

+ After we check and active your fastpass account. Now you can see the money in balance page.


Menu: Account -> FastPass -> Balance

+ You can tracking all info in this page("add fund" list and "subtracts" list)

Balance Page

+ How to buy tickets with fastpass

+When your fastpass account have been actived, now you have new method to payment, It is very easy and fast.

Fatspass Method

Payment: Select "FastPass" -> Click to Save button

We go to confirm page: Just pls click to "Pay Now" button to finish


DONE verything, Just please sure your fastpass > $40 to continue using fastpass method.

+ How to renew fastpass

+ It is very easy, just pls login and go to "Add Funds page":

Menu: "Account -> FastPass -> Add Funds"

+ Who do you support?

If you need any support, Please contact:
(310) 305-4100

METal International is an events and membership organization bringing together Alpha Leaders in the Media / Entertainment / Technology space focusing on helping members achieve their goals by pushing all boundaries in a community of respect and camaraderie.

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